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  • Location: 11.11.11

In summer 2017, Brussels will be home to the members of NATO.

In order to counterbalance their summit, the CNAPD is organizing an international preparatory meeting on the 17th of December gathering a large range of activists of Peace with the present of international peace organizations. It will be the opportunity to discuss and strengthen the position of the Peace movement as well as developing the idea of the counter summit.

Here is the program of the day, the meeting will be held at Rue de la Linière 11, 1060 Brussels:

12h : Registration and arrival

12h30-13h30: Welcome word and introduction by the Belgian host organizations: Naïma Regueras, CNAPD Belgium

Introduction (with international guests) : new confrontation and militarization in Europe and the world (including information about the NATO summit) and what we have been doing: Kristine Karch (No To NATO), Reiner Braun (IPB) and Felipe Ferrera (a representative of the Peace movement Portugal)

13h30-15h: Appeal & Action plan

Facilitator: Samuel Legros (CNAPD) with Lucas Wirl (No to NATO) and Kate Hudson (CND – UK)

15h-17h: Working groups

  • International Conference

Facilitator: Ludo De Brabander (Vrede) with Kristine Karch and a representative of the Peace movement from Cyprus

  • Demonstration

Facilitator : Veronique Coteur (Intal) with Yves-Jean Gallas (Mouvement pour la Paix) and Piotr Iconowitz (Polish Peace Movement )

  • Non-Violent direct actions framework (ex : Climat games/TTIP game over), Civil Disobedience

Facilitator : Ben Calvi (Agir pour la Paix) and someone from WRI

  • Decentralized Actions

With Michael Youlton (PANA, Ireland) and Paul Lansu (Pax Christi international)

17h-19h : Practical organization/Finance (Organizers, partners, outreach. Local national and international responsibilities)

Facilitator : Maxime Van Laer (COMAC) with Chris Nineham (Stop the War coalition – UK)

Everyone who wants to join and participate in the construction of the counter-summit is welcome to join by sending a mail to info@cnapd.be

Carole Glaude

Carole Glaude

Chargée de communication et réseaux à la CNAPD

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